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Boosting Productivity with SAP® Business One

Optimit Hidraulic’s Success Story with SPHINX IT

In the competitive market of hydraulic components, efficiency and streamlined operations are paramount. Optimit Hidraulic, a Romanian subsidiary of a Hungary-based organization, faced significant challenges in aligning its purchasing and sales processes with those of its parent company. Seeking to enhance operational flexibility and improve reporting and decision-making, Optimit Hidraulic turned to SPHINX IT to deploy SAP® Business One for a comprehensive solution.

Challenges and Opportunities

Before implementing SAP Business One, Optimit Hidraulic grappled with several issues:

  • Process alignment - The company struggled to optimize and synchronize purchasing and sales processes with the parent company.

  • Operational flexibility - The company required greater flexibility in operations and overall business management.

  • Effective reporting - Optimit Hidraulic needed more effective reporting and decision-making processes.

Why SAP Business One and Optimit Hidraulic

Optimit Hidraulic chose SPHINX IT to deploy SAP Business One for its ability to deliver:

  • Increased operational flexibility: improved management of business operations with enhanced analysis and reporting capabilities.

  • Streamlined pperations: an integrated, one-stop-shop application that simplifies operations.

  • Adaptability: enhanced ability to adapt to current and future company changes.

  • Customization: tailored solutions for purchasing and sales, specifically designed for the Romanian market.

  • Localization: a localization package that meets Romania's legislative requirements.

  • Document traceability: better tracking of documents throughout the business processes.

Value-Driven Results

Post-implementation, Optimit Hidraulic experienced transformative results:

  • 20% productivity boost: Significant increase in productivity due to higher data availability, with all data accessible through a centralized application.

  • 20% time efficiency: Reduced time required for generating reports and making decisions.

  • Enhanced visibility: Achieved unprecedented visibility into purchasing and sales processes.

According to Szűcs Tibor, General Manager of Optimit Romania SRL, “SAP Business One has allowed Optimit to achieve unprecedented visibility into its purchasing and sales processes, as well as increase productivity and make better decisions in record time.”


Optimit Hidraulic's success story underscores the transformative impact of SAP Business One in enhancing operational efficiency, flexibility and decision-making capabilities. By leveraging SAP Business One, Optimit Hidraulic not only overcame its initial challenges but also positioned itself for sustained growth and adaptability in a dynamic market.

For companies facing similar challenges, SAP Business One offers a robust solution to streamline operations, improve flexibility, and drive productivity.

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